© photo Phil Aynsley


Opened in March 2005, inside a premise provided by Graziano, the company that took part in the workforce employed in the motorcycle company before closing. The Museum owes its birth to Giuliano Mazzini, who has devoted a lifetime to DEMM: as a mechanical designer he became Production Director, Delegate and Vice President. Starting in 1985, along with his son Mosè, he began a long and detailed research, retrieval, restoration and enhancement of documents, prototypes and models related to the legendary production of motorcycles.

In order to be able to see the complete set-up, it took five years, when, as a result of the continuous restoration work,  another fifty pieces were added including some work machines, such as tractors but what is currently exposed is more than enough to get an idea of ​​the work done by DEMM.

The visit is facilitated by the complete technical file of all motorcycles chronologically ordered. So it is possible to see Dick-Dick, the first DEMM moped built in 1956, or the “Dovunque” motorcycle with a two-stroke engine cubic capacity of 175 c. Continuing to visit the Museum you will also see the curious “Mini DEMM” moped with the engine on the rear wheel. A room is dedicated to the “modern history” of DEMM, where besides the technologies used by Giuliano Mazzini to carry out his projects, you can admire the fruits of his work, such as the Rotary, with a tank in the frame tube, Smily and the Koala, or “Condor” and “Panther”, equipped with Minarelli engines.


DEMM was an Italian metal engineer and motorcycle industry from 1919 to 1988. Founded in Milan as OPRAM, it became OMD in 1926 to become DEMM in 1928. It has now dismantled the motorcycle activities to concentrate on gear manufacturing and transmission systems for the agricultural and industrial vehicles sector.

© photo Mosè Mazzini