Alto Reno Terme from May 19th to August 15th 2018

Celebrating Gino Covili in the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Banca di Credito Cooperativo dell’Alto Reno presents the event scheduled for the 120th anniversary of its establishment, an exclusive exhibition, never organised before – from 19 May to 15 August 2018 – to highlight  one of the main poetics of the painter Gino Covili.


The natural human attitude is the resistance, the capacity to endure and face effectively the hardships of life.

In Gino Covili’s great narrative, more depth levels are to be found. First, it addresses  by epic style to the social condition. Then the interior, spiritual level emerges, aiming to make us think in a collective frame like we were “one”. Finally, Covili turns visionary and fabled, maybe with the illusion that art and beauty commit to lead us to salvation.

In the heart of Apennines, the exhibition provokes the visitor through many possible interpretations.

It is a great opportunity to set up, in 2018, a wide exhibition to celebrate Gino Covili in the 100th anniversary of his birth.

An event inviting us to reflect, to think, to observe and find out that what appears like a habitual landscape still contains something that makes our consciences shake.


The exhibition consists of 60 works : paintings, drawings, pastels, watercolors, sculpture and installations. The works focus on the ’60s creative period. The exhibition is not meant to be an exhaustive and anthological exhibition on Covili’s work, but, through a selection of the exhibited works, intends to celebrate Covili and his greatness. It can be said that the works exposed are the cornerstones of his long artistic career.


The exhibition venues are mainly located in the Municipality of Alto Reno Terme but not exclusively : some permanent installations will also be located in neighboring municipalities. The exhibition also aims to stimulate the visitor to be “on the road” with Gino Covili, to share a collective story with an artistic and poetic witness.

More info at COVILIARTE official website