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THURSDAY 23/11 NICO 1988

Directed by Susanna Nicchiarelli.
Genre Drama
Italy, Belgium 2017.
93 minutes.


Long past her glory days as a superstar beauty at Andy Warhol’s Factory and sometimes lead singer for the Velvet Underground, Christa Paffgen, known professionally as Nico, is tumbling down the slope of heroin addiction as Nico, 1988 opens. Concentrating on her band’s disastrous tour from Manchester, England, to Italy and East Europe, writer-director Susanna Nicchiarelli dives deeply into the life of a tragic but remarkable woman, memorably portrayed by Danish actress and singer Trine Dyrholm as an unpleasant, hurtful junkie plagued with memories and regrets. It opened Venice Horizons with a rebellious backward look at the counterculture of the 1980s.