Lustrola Millennium


Small village in the municipality of Alto Reno Terme, in the heart of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, at an altitude of 750 m a.s.l. , Lustrola is an ancient center of which we have written testimonies from the year 1021 and which maintains intact the character and charm of the medieval village: ancient stone houses, separated by tiny paved paths and stone stairs, connected solidly to each other, collected around the village church.

A place where important historical testimonies coexist and in which the same language, which maintains Tuscan influences rather than Bolognese, confirms a historical interaction with Pistoia, prevalent compared to that with Bologna, and testifies to belonging to a territory long disputed between the two municipalities, in a crucial mountain area in the ancient communication routes between the Po valley and central Italy.

A village nestled in the woods, where the ancient human settlement blends with a natural landscape of rare and unspoiled beauty. Characteristic place to be discovered, which on the occasion of the millennial anniversary, can rightly become the symbol of a project for the future of the mountain. With the involvement of local populations and the call of new forces, with the strengthening of physical and technological infrastructures that encourage and support the establishment of activities, new projects for the redevelopment of the territory, and with the precious relationship with a natural environment of absolute value and even a mitigator of emerging problems linked to climate change.

The many initiatives planned for the period of the celebrations for the millennium, in August 2021, such as guided tours, walks, exhibitions, study meetings, cultural and gastronomic initiatives, as well as preparatory interventions in the area, restoration works of ancient paths, maintenance of the road system inside the village and the important restorations in the parish church, as well as being an opportunity for cultural tourist attraction for Lustrola and the Alto Reno Terme area, can represent a moment of attention of a wider public on the opportunities of life in the mountains between Bologna and Pistoia.


Come over in Lustrola, Alto Reno Terme, this summer!
Around the symbolic date of 10 August, the feast of the Patron Saint of Lustrola and the day of the traditional Sagra di San Lorenzo, from 7 to 15 August 2021 the village will live the days of the Millennium Festival, the thousand years since the first written testimony of the existence of Lustrola. Several events will fill the days in the village, which has been made more beautiful and welcoming thanks to interventions by the Administration for the maintenance and qualification of the places, restoration and enhancement of the village and the internal streets, and of ancient historical communication routes around the village preciously restored by the local CAI.


Saturday 31 July 21 – 5.30 pm Porretta Terme – Rufus Thomas Park

“The Alto Reno and the millennial of Lustrola: from disputed territory to opportunity. Ancient and new value of the mountain between Bologna and Pistoia”.


  • Barbara Lori, Regional Councilor for the Mountains
  • Giuseppe Nanni, Mayor of Alto Reno Terme
  • Nicolò Savigni, Councilor for Culture and Tourism Alto Reno Terme
  • Renzo Zagnoni Gruppo Studi Alta Valle del Reno – Nuèter
  • Massimo Bizzarri, Regional President of the CAI Italian Alpine Club Emilia-Romagna
  • Federico Grazzini, Meteorologist ARPAE SIMC weather service
  • Metropolitan City of Bologna
  • BCC Cooperative Credit Bank – Alto Reno Terme
  • ASCOM Provincial and territorial
  • CNA Territorial

Friday 6 Aug 21 – 5.30 pm – Lustrola – via Mezzola (under the ancient arch)

Inauguration of the PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITION “Lustrola between past and present”
Photo by Stefano Semenzato Gruppo Studi Alta Valle del Reno – Nuèter

The exhibition will remain open until Sunday 22 August 2021

Saturday 7 Aug 21- at 17: 30- Lustrola, piazzale Chiesa


“Lustrola 1021-2021 A MILLENARY: a village and the mountains between Bologna and Tuscany, from the Middle Ages to today”
Gruppo Studi Alta Valle del Reno – Nuèter


  • Renzo Zagnoni – Gruppo Studi Alta Valle del Reno – Nuèter
  • Paola Foschi – Medieval History Scholar
  • Mauro Ronzani – Historian, professor of Medieval History at UniPisa
  • Bill Homes – Architect and urban planner
  • Stefano Semenzato – Photographer

(In case of bad weather the meeting will be held inside the hall of Pro Loco di Granaglione)

Sunday 8 August 21 – 5.30 pm Lustrola, Cà Nostra Association headquarters

EXHIBITION “From Lusturla to Lùstrola”
Drawings by BILL HOMES Gruppo Studi Alta Valle del Reno – Nuèter

The exhibition will remain open until Sunday 22 August 2021

Sunday 8 Aug 21 – 9.00 pm – Lustrola, piazzale Chiesa


EURIDICE Choir – Voices and instruments – Songs, vocals and instrumentals from the Middle Ages to today

(In case of bad weather the evening will be held inside the hall of Pro Loco di Granaglione)

Monday 9 August 21 – Lustrola starting at 16.00

Games and entertainment for the little ones, in compliance with covid protocols.

Tuesday 10 August 21 – Lustrola, Cà Nostra Association Headquarters

Traditional Festival of SAN LORENZO
Lunch, dinner and entertainment, in compliance with covid protocols.

Thursday 12 August 21 – 9.00 pm – Lustrola, Cà Nostra Association Headquarters (“pratone”)

Italian music from the 1930s to the 1950s with the TRIO LE SCALE
Open gastronomy: donuts & muffins and drinks + 2nd hand market, in compliance with covid protocols.

Venerdì 13 agosto 21 – ore 10.00

“On the trail of pilgrims and brigands”

On the way with the CAI Sez Alto Apennino Bolognese – Porretta Terme
Departure and return: Cà Nostra Association Headquarters (“pratone”)

Friday 13 August 21 – 18:00 – Lustrola, Cà Nostra Association Headquarters (“pratone”)

Presentation and reading from the book: Maybe up there is better – Chronicles from a suspended world. (Fusta Editore) 

Tuesday 17 August 21 – 16:30 Lustrola

GUIDED TOUR of the village – meeting at the car park / bus stop
max 15 people – in case of overbooking, more shifts will be organized, in compliance with covid protocols.

Wednesday 18 August 21 – 8:30 pm Lustrola Church

SUMMER 2021 MUSIC Sounds of Alto Reno: concerto for Vibraphone and Guitar – Vibraphone Guido Casadio, Guitar Gianni Landroni.

Event organized in compliance with covid protocols.

Thursday 19 August 21 – 1.00 pm – Lustrola, headquarters of the Cà Nostra Association

Organized by CACIOSTERIA DEI DUE PONTI with Millennium recipes (fixed menu), max 50 people in compliance with covid protocols.

During lunch, a short presentation of “The magic recipe”, a collection of ancient Lustrola recipes.

NOTE: all events will take place in compliance with the covid protocols