The Rediscovered Apennines and Look Ap

Widespread art, nature and hiking
The Rediscovered Apennines

Every Saturday and Sunday from July 6 through Sept. 8, 2024 The Rediscovered Apennines returns to grace the summer with thematic itineraries open to Reno Valley residents and visitors. A journey through nature, the
history, food and wine, art and music of these places.

Every Saturday and Sunday in July, August and early September, tourists can
participate in walks led by a certified environmental hiking guide.


Look Ap – metamorphosis!
June 30-August 18, 2024

Look Ap is a network, a widespread art project in the Apennines that weaves together cultural realities and different languages, a new way of experiencing the mountains. A review of events where children can listen to stories and music from distant countries, get lost in the woods and along the trails, totally immersing themselves in nature and discovering its beauty.

Look Ap initiatives are free and free admission with reservations required at:




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