Wolf Festival 2023

The Manservisi Castle will host the Wolf Festival again this year, now at its seventh edition!

Two days of free events: photo exhibition, conference, hiking on the wolf tracks, where enthusiasts will share their experiences and provide a range of useful information to understand who the wolf really is.

The presence of the wolf is a positive thing for the natural environment, because it is a species that has belonged to the fauna of these regions for millennia. Occupying the top of the food chain, the wolf is a species particularly sensitive to ecosystem degradation as its survival depends on that of species occupying all lower levels. Therefore, its presence is a sign of a good quality environment.

The aim of the Wolf Festival is to bring as much correct and scientifically based information about the real number of wolves in Italy and what benefits the wolf can bring to a healthy natural environment. It will be an opportunity to celebrate Italy’s wild wolves and to meet experts, ranchers, and people who share territories with wolves and would like to know how to work and coexist with them.