Bastelluccio in black & white

© foto Stefano Semenzato

Castelluccio is a tiny village in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. I’ve been living here for more than 40 years. I often wonder what makes me love it so much.

I wanted to point out shapes and landscapes under the violent light shots of the sun. I wanted to express those almost unreal silences that you perceive, after the snow, when you walk along roads and paths; to grab that feeling of time-freeze when you enter the deep forests; to communicate that surprise and wonder when I face those little dryers for the chestnuts hidden between the vegetation.

It seemed to me that the best way to represent sensations or landscapes was to use black and white photography because it has pictured an entire album of collective memories over a century. Today thou – in the middle of the full hd color realm – the black and white still grants the perception of the ancient, the distance, freezing reality out of time. A kind of weird and mysterious.

Today the technology allows you to modify almost every single pixel of your shots and let achieve any result the photographer wants to convey. In this way I tried to combine the sweetness of the landscape with in a mood of drama, especially in the skies and shadows, to express the sensations I live in comparison with the reality of this village and its surroundings.


Stefano Semenzato lives between Castelluccio and Rome. In the last ten years, has resumed and developed his elder passion for photography. He is a digital lover embracing the whole process of work, from shooting to post-production and printing. Shots are taken with Nikon cameras and Sigma lenses.