Cipensoio Restaurant


Let the Chef guide you! You will be transported into a gastronomic journey suitable to any taste.

Cipensoio is situated in the internal court of the Hotel Helvetia Thermal Spa, and offers an express kitchen of only fresh products mainly at km 0. No detail is left out; from the scrupulous decor to the sophisticated equipment; and from the formula of the varied menu: an unmistakable style plentiful of accurate research that will render an atmosphere event more appetizing.

Our culinary philosophy corresponds perfectly with the concept of wellbeing, owing to the excellence of raw materials and the innovative technique of the method and preparation of every plate. The meal does not end when the diner leaves the table, but when he/she awakes the following morning.

You will rediscover the traditional local flavors of the territorial excellence of Emilia Romagna and Toscana; harmonious mixes of Mediterranean and International styled cooking by our Chef.