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Literary exhibition in the villages of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines

When I proposed this theme I did not even know how to explain it.
I thought of the circle as a circumference, as a boundary that encloses and set a physical boundary between in and out, linking this concept to the trees.

Tiziano Fratus

As a circular journey, as ground or surface water, as the expression of the maternal strength of the Earth that holds, raises, grows, elevates and then ends and reproduces itself in a continuous cycle.
Mariano Dolfi e Simona Baldanzi

I thought of the circle as a cyclical and repetitive path of a humanity that rolls in the paths of generations, as a cyclical starting point.
Mario Ferraguti

I have thought of the circle as an impulse towards completeness, as a need we have to give shape and meaning to life.
Samuela Pierucci

As a form of the five Olympic circles,  as the absence of edges, an aesthetic harmony, a trim to challenge gravity and air resistence.
Zeno Colò

I thought of the circle like some taverns tables, those where the discussions of the post Vajont were twisted.
Compagnia Bei Meno e Maurizio Ferrari

Reading Franco Arminio I thought of the circle as a gravitational field of a center:  a mountain view as protagonist to contrast a metropolicentric conception that sees the mountain as a different and alien place, a “high” and far away suburbs. The circle is also a state of mind. The writer, when he writes, is in a bubble of soap, is “inside” and “out” from the world, and pours out his fantasies on paper. 
Cristiana Astori

A circle as a symbol of hug.
Federico Pagliai