© Video Giacomo Lorenzelli & Michele Cati


It comes from a simple idea: apply the time-lapse shooting technique to a “normal” subject, not well-known like the highest mountains or the most famous national parks. NaturScapes tries to show the beauty of this wonderful territory with its hidden treasures.

It’s an hard and long running project (more than 100,000 pictures have already been shot), made of difficult shooting sessions, day and night time, in every weather condition.

Giacomo Lorenzelli: director, photographer, editor, producer.

Born in 1982, began his adventure in the world of photography back in 1998, with his Yashica FX-D, B/W film and a cheap dark room.

Combining his two biggest passions, photography and travel, Giacomo shot in Australia, USA, Japan, many countries in Europe and, in recent years, in Africa, for which he matured a true deep love. In the last photo trips, in Alaska, Artic Norway and Iceland, Giacomo shot one of the most amazing sight in Nature, the Northern Lights.

For his professional activity, he developed an autonomous system for long running time-lapse of construction sites, manufacturing etc. He finally decided to apply his knowledge to his main and biggest passion… Nature.

Giacomo shoots with Nikon D7100 and Nikon, Tamron and Samyang lenses.

Michele Cati: photographer, web&social promotion, producer.

Born in 1982, started his photographic activity back in 1997, pointing his Fujica AX-3, at the beginning, to the Hale-Bopp comet and later to the total solar eclipse in 2001.

In the digital era, he switched to a new brand and started to build up a new camera kit, beginning with a new Pentax K-5, a camera which is able to satisfy the requirements of favourite Michele’s shots, in extreme night conditions.

Michele is a valued photographer, especially for his night and landscape shots, mainly color. He has his own style, trying to keep the postproduction as low as possible to maintain a natural feeling.

Michele loves travelling in dark skies location, such as Ireland, Iceland and Croatia, as well as exploring his own territory, the Italian Apennines.

Michele shoots with Pentax K-5 IIs, Pentax and Samyang lenses, always with manual focus.