One Thousands Guitars is a gathering, a concert, a party. It’s like playing guitar with friends, but in thousand.

The fifth edition of One Thousands Guitars  will start in Brescia on Sunday, 23 April 2017, at Piazza della Loggia, from 14:00 to 18:30, and then in Porretta Terme (BO) Sunday, June 18 2017, Piazza della Libertà, from 2pm to 6:30pm.

Everyone can play: guitar players, singers, those who can not play but pretend to… There are no limits of age nor skills, participation is free for everyone.

Here is the playlist that will be played at Porretta Terme (BO) in Piazza della Libertà. For the first three ones, you do not need to download the sheet music since you can easily find it on the net, the other ones are all available on our download page.

“Dio è Morto” by Francesco Guccini that will be performed in C major key, then Am, Dm , G7

“4 marzo 1943” by Lucio Dalla which will be performed in C key. The second part, will play from the C chord to D (next chords will be D and A7).

“Ma la notte no!” by Enzo Arbore will be performed in G major following A major, A and E.

The following songs can be downloaded from our download section (registration required):

  • Mille chitarre by Isaia Mori
  • Hanno ucciso l’uomo ragno by 883
  • Samarcanda by Roberto Vecchioni
  • 50 Special by Luna Pop
  • Diamante by Zucchero
  • E la vita la vita by Cochi e Renato

Be There!

More info on the official web site Mille Chitarre in Piazza