Notte Celeste 2017, benessere a ritmo stellare #InEmiliaRomagna

Il 17 giugno non prendete impegni, torna La Notte Celeste!Terme aperte #InEmiliaRomagna: benessere, relax e divertimento.Scegli la tua #NotteCeleste, benessere a ritmo stellare! www.lanotteceleste.it#Emilia #Bologna #Romagna

Pubblicato da La Notte Celeste su Venerdì 26 maggio 2017

On June 17, 2017, the Notte Celeste will be back to Porretta Terme and all around Emilia-Romagna: celebrate the stellar rhythm throughout the Via Emilia.

The red line is the thermal water symbol of socialization, energy, wellness and hospitality. Get ready to relax, have fun and shoot your best moments and the Pavement Art you will find in every location, by posting them on socials with the hashtag #nottebianca.

From Salsomaggiore to Riccione the thermal baths of Emilia Romagna will remain open until late. You can relax in the SPA, enjoy “pampering” of SPA treatments, attend concerts, and have fun with your little ones playing magic games and much more.

All SPA resorts will shine in the shades of blue, streets and squares will fill up will live music for the event.

More informations on the official site of La Notte Celeste.