Edited by Giacomo Martini


1st edition July-August 2017

The National Short Movie Award “Appennino in Corto” is an initiative promoted by the municipalities of Alto Reno Terme and Lizzano in Belvedere. It is a competition addressed to all Italian and non-Italian citizens resident in our country who have not exceeded 30 years of age.

The aim of this regional and national event is to enhance the territories of the Apennines, focusing on environment, nature and ecology. For the 1st edition, the theme to be investigated is WATER in its various economic, productive, cultural, social and environmental aspects with the aim of new opportunities of reflection, knowledge, expression and communication. In this context, the cultural and artistic theme is WATER: GENESIS OF LIFE IN MOUNTAIN

The Award also intends to represent a think-tank of ideas, diversity of cultural experiences, an observatory of creativity involving thousands of young people from all over Italy.

The deadline for entry in the competition is 30 June 2017.

For further details, please visit the Municipality of Alto Reno Terme official website.