Casa Roversi ring

© photo Emilio Gadaleta


  • Walking distance : 5 hours
Difficulty : Medium
  • Elevation : 820 meters

Note: steep and slippery trek between Casa Moschini and Pian dello Stellaio

Starting from Casa Roversi and following the trek C.A.I. 145 going from Granaglione to Casa Moschini. At Casa Moschini there is the La Presa Bed&Breakfast.

Immediately after the washhouse there is a secular chestnut tree which really worth a peaceful stop; keep following the trek, which in some sections is small and slippery, and you will reach Casa Pacchioni. Here begins the last stretch of the C.A.I 145 trek  which goes very steep and slippery and reaches 1350 meters at Pian dello Stellaio, where different treks over cross.

Follow tags C.A.I. 101, towards Monte Pianaccetto or Rifugio Montecavallo. Just before Mount Pianaccetto at 1373, turn right, the C.A.I 105 trek, heading towards Casa Calistri. From Casa Calistri along the path C.A.I. 153 . In a few minutes, the Casa Roversi ring ends.


Like most hiking treks in Granaglione it is advisable to wear boots, long pants and wind jackets.

Stay safe with the GeoResQ app: this GPS based tracking service is run by the National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Organisation (CNSAS) and recommended  by the Italian Alpine Club (CAI).