Porretta Liber

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PORRETTA LiBER has been designed to draw people closer to the Porretta public library, Municipality of Alto Reno Terme – residents and visitors, more and less avid readers, seniors and juniors, people not familiar with this place yet, and people already attending libraries elsewhere. It’s about a portal, as in technic jargon; basically, it is a PLACE in which beautiful books are briefly introduced and beautiful pictures are briefly exposed. All that is needed are curiosity and a little patience.

In fact, aren’t you curious? All right, here’s what we would like to do for you: about every 15 days, a book will be introduced, and a passage will be read. There will be children books, books for adults and for young adults. We mainly select our favourite ones, but you should keep in mind that there’s no accounting for tastes, and that here at the library there’s a book for everyone and each.

All steamed up at this point? Here’s the title: Looks on books from the mountain nooks! But where in the world are these “mountain nooks”? Well, the librarian – kind of elderly by now – says that they can be found in this beautiful territory. He was born here, he loves it here, and eventually he is back here.

The librarian (Alessandro Riccioni, ed.) will be often with you: of course, ‘cause he is the “mountain librarian”!