Friday May 31st 2019
A fairy castle by Associazione Cà Rossa, part of the 3rd edition of the “Porretta Fairy Tales Festival”

Sunday June 30th at 5:30 pm (until July 17th)
Ehibition opening “RITRARSI” by  Paola Paolucci

Friday July 5th at 5:30 pm (until 25th July)
“Analogue Affinity” a photograhic exhibition by Chiara Dondi

Saturday July 6th at 5:30 pm (until July 18th)
Water and Stones: architecture design by Emma Guidoreni

Sunday July 7th at 9:30 am
World dance day festival

Sunday July 7th at 5:30 pm (until July 25th)
Opening: The Realm of the Invisible – fairs and legends, painting and sculpture exhibition by Lucia Mazzoni

Wednesday July 10th at 9 pm
Travel & photography:  Alaska, the last fronteer by Sandra Mondini.

Saturday July 13th at 9 pm
Trio Europea-Brazilera in concert: classic music and brazilian bossa by Matteo Penazzi: Violin, Greta Insardi: piano, Gianni Weber Penazzi:  guitar/voice.

Tuesday July 16th at 9 pm
Travel & photography: “Patagonia. 7000 km along the Ruta 40” by Sandra Mondini.

Wednesday July 17th at 9 pm
“Castelluccio in Pupi Avati’s italian cinema : Una gita scolastica” edited by Emiliano Mugelli.

Friday July 19th at 9 pm
Roberto Vitale in concert (voice, acoustic guitar and lyrics) with Massimiliano Usai (story-telling and keyboards).

Saturday July 20th at 5:30 pm (until August 1st)
Exhibition opening  “…semplicemente…” by Stefano Migliorini

Sunday July 21st at 5:30 pm
Photographic exhibition opening:  Motorbikes are coming by Stefano Semenzato.

Tuesday July 23rdat 9 pm
Concert by the choir Rocca di Gaggio Montano

Wednesday July 24th at 9 pm
Agata pensaci tu : movie screening by Tribù del Badnightcafè – Turin

Friday July 26th
Sanctuary of Madonna del Faggio celebration day

Saturday July 27th at 5pm
Lecturae Dantis by Renzo Zagnoni
Castelluccio, Loc. Campoferraio, 23/24.

Sunday July 28th at 5:30 pm (until August 15th)
Gaeta e il suo mare, a photography exhibition by Manuel Fantasia

Monday July 29th lat 5:30 pm (until August 15th)
Exhibition opening “opere su carta e libri d’artista” illustrated by Cosetta Mastragostino story-telling by Azzurra D’Agostino

Thursday August 1st at 9 pm
Il “bello” della controriforma. Masterpieces of Alto Reno.
Books, video and speech by Renzo Zagnoni and Stefano Semenzato.

Friday August 2nd at 9 pm
Aggiungi un posto a tavola.  Commedy by Compagnia delle Tele.

Saturday August 3rd at 5,30 pm (until August 15th)
“Malerba – a short illustrated herbarium about alluring plants and unlucky deaths by Lorenza de Luca

Sunday August 4th 
Celebrating 10 years of activities at Manservisi Castle

Monday August 5th at 5 pm
Lecturae Dantis by Renzo Zagnoni, Castelluccio, Mulino di Tognarino.

Monday August 5th at 9 pm
The other dwellers of the Alto Reno : wild porks, deers, wolves … by Paola Semenzato

Wedneday August 7th at 9 pm
Book presentation “ I Racconti di Barnaba. Storie e magie dell’Appennino” by Giovanni Corradetti  (ed. Giovanelli, Camugnano).

Thursday August 8th at 5 pm
Lecturae Dantis by Renzo Zagnoni, Castelluccio, spianata della Croce del Piella.

Friday Agosto 9th at 9 pm
Cinema in Tour – Cinema under the stars of Alto Reno Terme

Thursday August 8th at 9 pm
A mid summer night dream by Compagnia delle Tele

Monday August 12th at 5 pm
Lecturae Dantis by Renzo Zagnoni, Castelluccio, Tresana village

Tuesday August 13th at 3:30 pm
Castelluccio in Fiore – Festival

Wednesday August 14th
Food & beverage fest and live music

Thursday August 15th
Food & beverage fest and live music

Sunday August 18th to September 1st
Castelluccio tra Musica & Natura
Music Summer School