The Beltaine microbrewery


Protected by the green of the Apennines, the Beltaine brewery harmonises its beer with the wood paying a tribute to the king of the trees: the chestnut tree. Solid, unattainable, thoughtful. It observes the years that pass and rejoice over its fruits.

For more than ten years Beltaine brew masters have been brewing and they know every little secret. With care and passion they also take care of the distribution making the Tosco Emiliano Apennines known throughout Italy.

Malt, spelled, orange peel, coriander, juniper but especially chestnuts and a pure mineral water that flows free and pure just a few steps from the brewery, melt in the must in a circle of fruit flavors and wood scents.

The high quality of raw ingredients, give Beltaine beer something more, a magic touch that every time surprises and delights.

Born at the dawn of the 2000s with the primary objective of recovering chestnut groves, the Beltaine project brings the productive activity back in the Granalglione woods, keeping a light on, a beacon that guides us towards a healthy and sustainable future.

In the background, the bell tower of the church of San Nicolò that, since eight hundred years, caresses the sky and embraces the valley of Randaragna. It is a beautiful (and very windy) early summer afternoon and we are in the company of Marco and Matteo.

Enjoy the episode ….cheers!