Analogue electronics from hyperspace. This mysterious object resurfaces. Come and witness it before it submerges

Such a long story, such rare the opportunities to see it unfold. The roots take hold in the 90s at Link’s old basement in Via Fioravanti, as well as into the wall of sound built by Votiva Lux (probably the only Italian shoegaze group that is capable of running with the giants); their first live was in 2003, and since then their sightings were rare and far apart. Each time another one happens, it’s crucial. It is worth the wait when the result is that which takes form here from time to time: breakneck cosmic jams in the name of wild improvisation; the equipment used, an arsenal which makes the command bridge of the Enterprise seem like a toy for rookies. A vertigo of bright buttons and knobs; seeing it turn on and come to life, it is feast for the eyes. They do know how to make the machine sing: a pure ecstasy for the body (as well as for the mind). Hardware is the key to try and describe this elusive creature, a stranger among strangers in a land beaten by few analogue heroes; if only one remains, Verotika is the name.

For more info and details please visit Rifugio Segavecchia mountain hut website.