Vizzero village

© photo Pasqualina Tedesco


The Vizzero village is one of the smallest hamlets of the territory of Granaglione, now Alto Reno Terme, standing at 786 meters above sea level.

It is located on the Tuscan-Emilian ridge, on the border with the Province of Pistoia, immersed in chestnut and fir woods, where the few residents are involved in chestnut and mushroom picking and wood maintenance.

In spring and summer the small village is very populated and parties, festivals and excursions are organized.

Vizzero is composed by 13 villages: Casa Franceschetto, Casa Iacchino, Casa Mengaia, Casa Piattella, Casa Sabocchi, Casa Tadei, Casa Tedeschi, La ca ‘, Le Piaggie, Logacci, Molino del Caciolo, Poggignocco and Setteponti.

The church of the village is dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel and although small has its role in history and sacredness. You can see it as soon as you arrive in the village, on the left side there is the Monumento ai Caduti and the surrounding square hosts a parking area.

The ancient well dating back to 1791, has been restored by the local Pro-loco in 1996.

From the highest part of the town you can enjoy a very beautiful and unique panoramic view even on gray days when the fog covers the mountains of the opposite Tuscan side.