Madonne del Ponte – Molino Chicon


  • Distance 11 KM
  • Climb 200 MT 
  • Road paved, forest roads 
  • Bike mountain bike, gravel bike, special needs bikes (handbike – tandem)
  • Difficulty IMBA 1 (very easy)
  • Time 1.50 h 
  • Points of interest The Sanctuary of the Madonna del Ponte, the Molino Chicon (visit by appointment), the river Reno and Limentra.
  • Water Porretta Terme at the start, along the route only near Ponte della Venturina and in the little village of Pavana.

Easy route suitable for special needs bicycles and a good option for families with children.

The start is again from the square in front of the train station, in the centre of Porretta Terme; turn left after crossing the bridge opposite the station, and left again after passing the thermal buildings crossing another bridge over the river Reno and the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Ponte, saint patron of basketball.

Then continue on the paved road passing in front of the Valverde swimming pool and, after a few hundred meters, keep right past the building supplies store as the road becomes unpaved and starts to rise gently.

Arrived at the locality of Ponte di Teglia, and crossed the bridge by the same name over the Limentra, you continue on the right uphill can go uphill until you reach the statal road 64 Porrettana; from the intersection – where there are a butcher’s shop, a grocery shop, and a restaurant – you follow Pistoia on the left and proceed until you reach the intersection indicating the Molino di Chicòn on the left. This route is also suitable for special needs bicycles.

Alternatively, just past the Teglia Bridge, you can turn left and follow the Via Francigena signs. You then cross a hamlet with an old custom house to reach the Molino di Chicòn described with much love by the songwriter and author Francesco Guccini. This option involves a short stretch of no more than 50 mt with a steep slope and it is not suitable for special needs bicycles.

Arriving at Molino Chicòn, if the site is open, you can ask to visit the inside of the mill where a careful, wooden-made reconstruction of the milling system explains its operation.

Upon returning, it is possible to go back along the CAI path that starts from the main entrance of the mill and leads to the village of Pavana (5 minutes by foot) where it is possible to fill up with fresh water and visit the village narrated by its most illustrious citizen, Francesco Guccini.




  1. Ride on open trails only. Respect trail and road closures.
  2. Leave no trace. Be sensitive to the dirt beneath you. Don’t cut switchbacks. Take your trash with you.
  3. Ride in control. Obey all bicycle speed regulations and recommendations, and ride within your limits.
  4. Yield to others. Bicyclists should yield to all other non-motorized trail users, unless the trail is clearly marked for bike-only travel.
  5. Never scare animals.
  6. Plan ahead. Be prepared and self-sufficient. Always wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear.

NOTE Keep trails open by setting a good example of environmentally sound and socially responsible off-road cycling. For more information, please visit