Shooting Foliage

©  Photo Stefano Semenzato

The Tuscan-Emilian Apennine is one of the most recommended places to shoot pictures of foliage, that autumn phenomenon by which leaves lose the chlorophyll green pigment to reveal the often particularly bright underlying colors.

Unfortunately there is not one single word in Italian to describe the progressive warm shades into which the woods turn, from yellow to orange, red and brown.

The trees varieties – from chestnut trees to oaks to birches – that feature hills and mountains of the Alta Valle del Reno gives the possibility to tread actual photographic itineraries to quest for thrilling colors. Especially from mid-October to mid-November it is possible to witness, day by day, each stage of the transition.

The pictures displayed are comprised into the exhibition “The Brush Envy”, set up in August 2017 at the Manservisi Castle. In autumn, nature surprises and amazes: What else is photography than the attempt to seize and communicate these surprise and amazement?

All pictures showed were taken in the surroundings of Castelluccio (Alto Reno Terme), to be considered a privileged place for autumn photography trips.