The Squaglia mill

© photo Stefano Semenzato


The Squad Mill is located on the Barricella River. Starting from the village of Castelluccio, you will arrive by car or  by foot, passing through the Pennola and then following the off road towards the Madonna del Faggio. After the crossroads to Tresana, find on the right, at the height of the Policarpo’s hut, a path that goes down to the valley for a few hundred meters. The distance from Castelluccio is about 4.5 kilometers and the route – except for the last stretch – is substantially flat.

The mill can now be admired by the imposing building, while water flow systems are now heavily buried. However, you can easily recognize the inlet and outlet ports, and the structure of the “bottaccio” where the rio waters are stocked.

From the mill the trail continues to the village of Monteacuto.

The mill was used for the chestnut and cereal grindstones, by the inhabitants of this town who reached it by crossing the bridge that still connects the two sides. By the mill on July 26 each year, the inhabitants of Monteacuto descended into the procession to arrive at the “blessing tower” where they handed over to the Castelluccesi the effigy of the Madonna which was then taken to the nearby sanctuary of the Madonna del Faggio. The mill and the sanctuary are also connected by a beautiful path along the rio Baricello.