The Dardagna waterfalls

© photo Antonio Biagiotti


The falls and the valley of Dardagna are among the most beautiful and characteristic of the Corno alle Scale Natural Park: immersed in the woods of beech, they host numerous herbaceous species, rare mushrooms and a representative fauna of the Apennine mountain. The first jump is easily reachable from Madonna dell’Acero along a path that develops on a forest road.

A path with steps and protection fence climbs the water jumps, allowing to admire at close distance the spectacular river development. The path is crowned by a fresh forest, with willows and beautifully blossoming laburnums; butterburs’ large leaves grow luxuriously amidst the boulders by the river bed, and the wild wormwood – a tall herb with umbrellas of small pink flowers – and other characteristic plants of humid places grow lush.