The Taccaia mill

@ foto Stefano Semenzato


Leaving from Castelluccio you can easily go down to the Taccaia mill, reachable through the houses of Parchiè, restored and run with strong passion by Livia and Mario. It is a downhill path leading to the intersection between Rio Fantino and the Silla river.

The route runs through huge fields, many of which are cultivated. After the Parchiè, where Ugolini brothers manage a large organic cattle breeding, it passes through woods and forest on a road that is suitable for tractors only.

The Mill receives water supplies from the Silla river and still appears in mint conditions. During summertime it is surrounded by a multitude of multicolored hydrangeas that make it a kind of enchanted garden.

The path starting from the mill, leads to the water springs of the Silla river through a quite romantic walk between bubbling waters and bridge-crossings .

Inside the mill there are three original millstones with different patterns and thicknesses in order to grind wheat, corn or chestnuts.