The altar tablets of Castelluccio

© Photos by Stefano Semenzato excerpt from the book: Tra cinquecento e settecento. Capolavori svelati nelle chiese di Capugnano e Castelluccio.

Do not miss the church of Santa Maria Assunta in the Alto Reno located at the top of the village of Castelluccio.

It contains numerous altar tablets by important painters from Bologna. With a very ancient history, the church of Santa Maria Assunta was founded between 1378 and 1385 and contains precious 17th century masterworks.

The first building collapsed in 1566 and rebuilt in 1587. The current structure dates back the rebuilding to the years 1660-1690 when the church was subjected to the last enlargement and a partial reconstruction.

In recent decades it has had some major restoration works: the bell tower, which is possible to visit today and the roof, one of the largest in the Apennines, made in pietra serena by the artisan Claudio Negroni. The oratory, dedicated to the Holy Crucifix and the Immaculate, was built in the years 1605-1606 and extended in 1688.

The church is part of a religious route, among the green of the Apennine, starting from the church of Porretta and going towards the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Faggio crossing Capugnano and Castelluccio.

A detailed photographic description of the churches of Capugnano and Castelluccio, enriched with many historical references and a historical art essay on the works and churches of the Reno valley, is represented in the book “Tra cinquecento e settecento. Capolavori svelati delle chiese di Capugnano e Castelluccio.