The Madonna del Faggio MTB

This route is already accessible but the signs have not yet been positioned. Download the GPX track!


  • Distance 32 KM
  • Climb 1100 MT 
  • Road paved, forest roads 
  • Bike mountain bike, gravel bike
  • Difficulty IMBA 1 (very easy)
  • Time 3 h 
  • Points of interest The old villages of Madognana, Castelluccio and Tresana, the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Faggio, the Manservisi Castle.
  • Water available in all villages along the way.
  • Leisure visit to the Manservisi Castle and the Laborantes Museum (upon reservation).


The start is from the train station in the centre of Porretta Terme from where you continue through Piazza della Libertà and by the historical thermal buildings in the direction of the Municipal swimming pool.

From the swimming pool the paved road goes up steadily to the village of Madognana (about 2 km); continue pedalling on the paved road to the village of Borgo Capanne where you turn right and descend towards the villages of Vettica and then Varano, where, upon reservation, it is possible to visit the didactic chestnut park.

Continue on paved road downhill crossing Molino di Granaglione where there is a small spring of thermal water, and climb up to the hamlets of Le Croci, birthplace of Guglielmo Marconi’s father; continuing on you find Capugnano with its small and delightful little church.

The road goes back up to Castelluccio where it is mandatory to stop for a break in the park of Manservisi Castle and visit – by appointment – the Laborantes Museum rich in artefacts and stories of local popular culture.

After passing through the town of Castelluccio continue towards Pennola: the slopes return gentle and pedalling in the lush woods of chestnut, oak and beech trees is a pleasure.

The paved road stops soon after the Pennola area and a beautiful forest road begins with views of the village of Monteacuto and of the imposing massif of Corno alle Scale.

Before reaching the evocative sanctuary of the Madonna del Faggio – a place where the apparition of the Madonna on the stump of a beech tree became a local legend around 1600 –  it is worth making one  last climb up to the historic village of Tresana to admire the spectacular blossoming of hydrangeas (springtime).

Before returning to Castelluccio, following the same road of the way out, a short detour on an easy path leads to the Molino di Tognarino and then back to Porretta Terme descending along the main road connecting the two towns.




  1. Ride on open trails only. Respect trail and road closures.
  2. Leave no trace. Be sensitive to the dirt beneath you. Don’t cut switchbacks. Take your trash with you.
  3. Ride in control. Obey all bicycle speed regulations and recommendations, and ride within your limits.
  4. Yield to others. Bicyclists should yield to all other non-motorized trail users, unless the trail is clearly marked for bike-only travel.
  5. Never scare animals.
  6. Plan ahead. Be prepared and self-sufficient. Always wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear.

NOTE Keep trails open by setting a good example of environmentally sound and socially responsible off-road cycling. For more information, please visit